hear my interview on the radiant podcast

I was honored to be interviewed by Kelsey Chapman for the Radiant podcast. Somehow we managed to cover so many ideas, all stemming from my personal experiences of discovering the Lord about four years ago.

Listen to the podcast here or by searching for The Radiant Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts (I am episode #20).

We discuss my epic love story with my husband, Blake (which began in our 7th grade band room), how I found God and what it was like to become a Christian as an adult, and what it has looked liked to explore the biblical promise of abundance in finances with my husband. 

Have a listen-- I hope you're encouraged by what God can do, especially when we choose to take big risks. I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can get in touch with me via the Contact form on this site. 

Again, find it here or the podcast app of your choice. :) 


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