a poem at winter's end

winter came softly like snow into my outstretched hands; it left like flakes that melt upon hitting flesh, through my fingers towards the ground. 

winter did not surprise me this year, it’s darkness did not come life a thief in the night. this year, i was ready, steady, and aware. this year, winter, you brought your sadness but i did not fight you. you brought your quiet, your solitude and i did not resist. 

winter, you were like incubation. in you, i stood alone, and sometimes lonely; my heart peaceful, and sometimes passive. once again you’ve left me stronger than you found me, pulse beating like the energy in trees waking the roots for a new season to come. 

winter, this year i did not despise you; i welcomed your embrace. and when your days were shorter than most, i found rest within your darker mornings and colder air. i breathed you in and knew that i was holy, i breathed you in and knew the pain of “not yet.” i waited for you, patient — i waited, watching as days slipped into weeks, and weeks, into months. 

i leave you lonely and exhausted, but not ungrateful. i do not leave you worse for wear — winter, we are soulmates. your death has taught me everything; your quiet has allowed for me to heal. 

winter, my greatest past time within you was to wait and rest, to nurture and quietly revere the holy peace of quiet snow that falls whether or not anyone is around to hear it.

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