something from nothing

The creator of the universe spoke everything from nothing. Everything you see around you now — the chair you are sitting in, the phone in your hand or the glowing screen before you, the trees outside and the people walking to work. 

Not one molecule came to be without first passing through the filter of his spoken-grace, each tiny particle coming from deep within him, expelled and released — there was nothing, and then there was everything. There was life where once there was void; hope where once there wasn’t even air to be breathed. 

You were made to be like him, made in the same extraordinary, simple, everything-from-nothing way. There are multitudes in this universe and there are multitudes in you, waiting to be released. Consider that lifetimes have been lived by your body: stories, pains, triumphs, great love — all absorbed and packed away within the many folds of your being. Items categorized, set aside; some locked away deep, deep within and others you’ve seen replay in your dreams. A lifetime absorbed into your person that daily, minute by minute your entire being — body, mind, heart, and spirit — has processed, even as you slept. 

Reach into the archive. Take out those very things — the pains, the triumphs, the great love, and the love that went away; the love that sustained you and the pain that took you out. (And don’t forget the part where you rose and overcame and grew into the incredible human being you are right now, just standing there humbly forgetting the massive miracle you have lived.)

Take each one into your hands and look at them: see them as they were, see them as they are now after years of being chewed on, locked away, pondered by your spirit. Let that which is deep within you bubble up — let it be expelled, released. Speak something from the nothing you see on your paper, in your hands, in your life around you or the blinking white screen before you. When you are faithful to open your mouth he is faithful to fill the void with sound. 

So do it. Quiet the voices that would deter you. (They know that when you create that which you were made for there will be no room left for them. Your beauty and life will be too large and they will get pushed or snuffed out). 

Listen: stop wasting time. There are galaxies, ecosystems, miracles, and new creations in your words. Expel and release. You were made from nothing that you would be something — a new world awaits for you to call into being.

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